What for?

What for? What for are those social networks assets and accounts? Pleasure? Likes? Money? Business? In some cases all of them. My current opinion about it is the next one. I’m not golf Pro. But I like to study and aquasing golf skills — swing, chipping, putting , minding and making decisions. I have my personal phylosofy (as most of us) about golf & life. And I am acctively trying to implement golf in my personal and business life. I am trying to use positive feedback from golf life and nonlinelety of golf activity in my mind. Too much I so need to stop about me.

Golf . It is best probability game in the the World. Combinatorial decisions about golf swing need to be taken and automated before you will start to play good golf. You need to know you and your stats properly to make efficient choises and executing them kindly. Many different tasks for many different parts of your body, brain and mind. All of those evolutionary hidden treasures must be used to play well. If even some of them were your organism sterting to pay you back by echivments, positive mind and vibes, hormons of joy and other positive feedbacks ? that are making your life much more better and handsome.

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